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A mobile hospital is developed to provide first medical, emergency qualified and specialized medical care to victims and patients, their temporary hospitalization and preparation for further evacuation, recruitment of medical special forces and other medical evacuation units of a high degree of readiness, work in the emergency situations and armed conflicts, including the provision of humanitarian assistance. Mobile hospital units made by patented technology. Sandwich panels for mobile hospital can contain up to 14 layers of various materials. Karmod mobile hospital can withstand the most extreme temperatures.

Typically, mobile hospitals are equipped with such equipment as life support systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, air supply in an infected atmosphere), electrical equipment, water supplies, energy supplies, medical gas supply systems, medical equipment and equipment. A mobile hospital can be used for different purpouses. Mobile hospitals can be used as a mobile surgical hospital. The mobile surgical hospital is organized according to the block-modular principle, which allows the formation of mobile medical complexes of various profiles and specializations with a different composition of functional units and individual modules, which are designed for a different number of patients and a particular medical situation. The most popular variety of mobile hospitals is mobile general hospital. These are hospitals providing services in many areas. For example such hospitals can be of a surgical, therapeutic, neuropsychiatric or other profile.

The block-modular design of mobile hospitals Karmod allows you to change the location of the sites of the hospital units and the configuration of the deployment scheme on the ground, based on the parameters of the working platform, terrain conditions and tasks. The multilayer design of the sandwich panels, which is a single plate, allows you to maximize the heat inside the complex.

Mobile Health Unit

Mobile health unit is a new level of modern medicine, made in the form of a small clinic, fully equipped with medical equipment. They are used in places where there are no stationary medical facilities, and the need of the population for qualified medical care is very high.

The advantages of mobile health unit include autonomous functioning, fast reaction, mobility and versatility, availability and all-weather season. Karmod is engaged in the construction and manufacture of vans for mobile health unit, allowing you to perform any medical task. The manufacture of mobile medical complexes is carried out on the basis of an improved line for the production of specialized trucks. Each stage of production, from the welding of the frame to the pre-sale preparation, passes under the quality control.

Mobile Field Hospital

Mobile field hospital is used in situations of urgent need, both in emergency situations, and in anticipation of the readiness of the final hospital. The configuration and equipment in each individual case are designed based on the needs of this hospital.

Containers and shelters are created in accordance with the standard ISO sizes and can be transported by trucks, airplanes or sea transport. A lot of mobile hospital manufacturers offer services for the manufacture and delivery of mobile hospitals.

Thus mobile hospitals comply with the requirements of modern life and allow you to provide medical services in conditions similar to the conditions of the traditional hospital.


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