Mobile Healthcare Facilities

Mobile Healthcare Facilities Manufacturers

Medical and diagnostic equipment for the prevention and detection of various diseases in the early stages remains urgent. In this connection an innovative mobile healthcare facilities project was developed by Karmod. It includes the following complexes.

The complex of X-ray diagnostic is designed for screening socially significant, including oncological diseases. The structure includes fluorography cabinet, mammography, the office of the radiologist and mammologist is the workstation of laboratory assistants.

The complex of medical-diagnostic is designed to conduct follow-up activities, in-depth medical examinations and consultative appointments by medical specialists. On the basis of this complex laboratory and functional studies are also carried out. The composition includes a laboratory room, office of the therapist, surgeon, obstetrician's office - gynecologist, proctologist, urologist; ophthalmologist and otorhinolaryngologist office.

Mobile dental complex includes dental office, X-ray dental office. The complex is organized by the work of 3 specialists: dentist, nurse, x-ray laboratory assistant. The complex is used when conducting follow-up activities as part of a road train together with a medical diagnostic complex.

The complex mobile diagnostic and treatment pediatric (for children and newborns) is designed to carry out activities for the medical examination of the child population, in-depth examinations and consultations with specialist doctors. The structure includes a pediatric examination room, offices of specialist doctors (cardiologist, dentist), a functional diagnostic cabinet.

All complexes are equipped with the latest medical equipment, including for emergency medical care, are used independently or as an additional diagnostic module in collaboration with the host medical institution, in order to expand the list of services and increase the capacity of the medical organization.

The manufacture of buildings for mobile healthcare facilities is carried out by various companies. The Karmod company stands out with its many years of experience. Karmod is engaged in the production of elements of mobile hospitals, which are subsequently assembled at the hospital site. Mobile healthcare facilities provide full service to patients, just like traditional hospitals.


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