Mobile Clinics

Mobile Clinics

Today when healthcare costs are being reduced across the country, the construction of mobile clinics is becoming the best solution. Mobile clinics for sale are being popular in whole world. The mobility of the mobile clinics allows you to quickly respond to incoming calls, and in equipping with medical equipment, they are in no way inferior to stationary institutions. The functionality of a mobile clinics implies its repeated use for the provision of all types of medical services, which include surgical intervention.

Why mobile clinics

Many people live in remote and rural areas. Mobile clinics make it possible to conduct early diagnostics and provide high-tech assistance to the people in any hard-to-reach areas.

Mobile medical clinics Karmod allow a high level of assistance in various fields of medicine. They are equipped with all necessary life support systems, including innovative medical equipment, medical furniture.

Mobile clinics can be used to provide medical care in on-site conditions (medical examination of students, employees of enterprises, medical examination and primary and highly specialized medical care for residents of hard-to-reach areas, primary medical care in case of emergencies and public events), to equip medical institutions with the necessary equipment in the absence of rooms for additional rooms. Although mobile clinics can be successfully used for the retrofitting of private medical centers with modern equipment in the absence of additional space (including heavy medical equipment requiring specially prepared facilities).

Mobile clinics manufacturers Turkey have a relatively small number of firms. The leader in this area is Karmod. Production is exported to 100 countries.

Mobile clinics for sale are made on the basis of multi-section isothermal vans, which can be installed on any motor chassis, including a trailer and semi-trailer. The van is made of frameless technology from sandwich panels. The supporting structure is the floor. The floor in the mobile clinics is covered with medical linoleum resistant to abrasion and disinfectant treatment. All materials used in the manufacture of insulated vans have hygienic certificates and are approved for use in medical institutions.

All compartments have individual sliding or swing doors with locking devices. The sanitary compartment is equipped with an autonomous water supply system and a dry closet. Medical compartments have ergonomic workplaces equipped with appropriate medical equipment, furniture and household appliances.

Medical furniture for mobile clinics is made on a metal frame, which is rigidly attached to the van structure for the duration of the movement. The external and internal surfaces are painted with light powder enamel, which makes their surface resistant to external influences, including disinfectant treatment. The color scheme depends on the performance of the mobile medical complex and can be individual.

The mobile medical complexes offered by Karmod can be used in any climatic and geographical conditions, providing comfortable conditions for medical personnel and patients. Flexibility in equipping with medical equipment and in the approach to the layout of the compartments allows us to solve almost any medical and technological problems facing the customer - thats why mobile clinics Karmod can be the best solution.



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