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Fast, Affordable Guard Houses

Karmod, Inc. has the answer to many of your security needs.  We make our guard houses for a variety of purposes: security booths, ticket stations, and more to suit whatever it is you need.  It will ship directly from the factory totally assembled, ready to set and use.  Whether you call it a guard house, mobile guard shack or security booth, we have the solution for you and your business.


Guard houses are usually only larger versions of the guard booths. They are often designed to accommodate more than one security guard and often have internal rooms.

Our experienced sales staff is available to answer any questions you may have about custom protection options.  You may have questions about custom modifications, special applications such as bulletproof guards and bathroom additions, and much more.  Our prefabricated mobile guardhouses and control booths are the highest quality on the market, yet very affordable.


Karmod provides the most rugged and well-built guard housesguard booths, guard shelters, border inspection booths, security access control checkpoints and observation towers. Karmod prefabricated guard houses serve our customers including government, defense, education and oil&gas, and they are used in various places, such as airports and nuclear power plants. Karmod's all welded steel construction and use of durable, low maintenance materials ensure the guard booth's greatest longevity. Special security features are offered to customize the security guard booth with respect to customer's requirements and to keep the security officers comfortable as well as secure. We also have a bullet proof option that has enhanced ballistic construction options for high risk environments.


In some industries, guard houses are also known as guard shacks or guard booths. Whether described as a security guard shack, portable guard house, security guard house, or security guard booth, Karmod factory-assembled, portable steel solutions provide a ready-made solution to your security shelter problem. It is possible add restrooms to these guard houses and meet your specific requirements. Our prefabricated guard house can beshipped to all countries in assembled or pre-assembled form.


Guard Houses in the Modern World

A Karmod guard house is a ready-made solution for your security or access control problem. Karmod prefabricated security building, also known as control booths, cabins or security canopies, are assembled at the factory and then shipped to your site, ready to be bolted, electrified and used. The Karmod prefabricated guardhouse is also portable and easy to move with a forklift. The Karmod factory builds durable, high quality mobile sentry houses for so many different sites and locations on campus. These locations include government buildings, military and transport centres, industrial plants, power plants, distribution centres as well as venues for major events and tourism.


In addition, Karmod guard houses can be modified to incorporate architectural enhancements that complement the surrounding architecture. Whether it's a guard house, guard stand or guard booth, all Karmod Fabrication guard houses are ready to install and use, portable, durable, long-lasting and attractive.


Highest Quality & Best Variety of Control Guard House

In addition, Karmod guard houses can be modified to incorporate architectural enhancements that complement the surrounding architecture. Whether it's a guard house, guard stand or guard booth, all Karmod Fabrication guard houses are ready to install and use, portable, durable, long-lasting and attractive. Our control booths can be built with bulletproof windows, blast resistant walls, and noise reduction options. Prefab Control Guard House can be used for sheltering machines, equipment, specialty apparatus or employees. Buildings are modular to meet your particular business and budget needs.


Portable Guard Houses For Sale

We offer a full range of options for those who wish to purchase prefabricated homes for industrial or commercial use. They can be ordered for a wide range of applications including: ticket counters, kiosks, weigh stations, checkpoints, car booths, security offices, flat entrances, security booths, observation towers and airport surveillance.


Our portable security posts are used by many businesses, including construction sites, security companies, military bases, state and city municipalities, prisons, manufacturing plants and small commercial facilities.

Reliable, prefabricated guard posts are air-conditioned and have enough space for people to work comfortably, while keeping computers and the corresponding workspace. Limited space? Not sure what size you need? Contact us and one of our experienced guardroom professionals will help you.


Built for Today’s Security Guardshack Needs

By definition, a kiosk is a control post or area that allows security personnel to monitor access to a place of business. These security booths are often used in hospitals and schools where the guard controls entrances and exits.

A guard or security house can be used for one or more staff members as well as to house electronic surveillance equipment. Often you will find a guard post equipped with a motorised gate or ticket dispenser to allow vehicles to enter or leave a secure area.


Guard houses | Prefab Guard house Manufacturer

Guardhouses Offer A Comfortable & Safe Work Environment

Civilian and military security guards have an important function and are often confronted with various occupational hazards. The accommodation and equipment in which they carry out their daily tasks are less stressful. Karmod manufactures custom-made guard posts that are capable of doing just that. 


Our Prefab Guardhouse Is Quick & Easy to Install On-Site

Using environmentally friendly manufacturing methods, your guardrail will be installed safely and with little or no downtime for your business. Prefabricated delineators are pre-assembled in our modular design and delivered to your site ready for installation. We advise on site preparation to facilitate the delivery and unloading process, making our prefabricated shelters a simple turnkey solution.


Panel Built Guardhouses Are Custom Manufactured for Projects Big & Small

Built for your specific needs, Karmod's guard houses can be equipped with additional security features including floodlights, camera systems, bullet resistance, gun ports, wire enforced windows, etc.. Karmod, Inc. is a trusted guardhouse manufacturer with nearly 35-years experience in the world of modular construction.


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