Deployable Mobile Hospitals

Deployable Mobile Hospitals Manufacturers

Given the latest developments in the world, deployable mobile hospitals are gaining in popularity. The practice of mobile hospitals has been successfully implemented in China.

Deployable mobile hospitals provide livelihood support for the population in emergency situations, can be used in settlements with poorly developed health care systems. There are several tasks of mobile hospitals: operational medical examination, detection of the disease in the early stages, medical assistance to the wounded and sick and their quick return to duty during the hostilities.

The structure of the hospital Karmod includes recreational facilities for staff, a kitchen, a laundry unit, a bathroom, shower rooms, bedrooms.

The deployable mobile hospitals can be universal and specialized: dental, mammography, fluorography,  mobile laboratory, surgical, resuscitation, infectious, pediatric, ophthalmological, radiological.

In the shortest time deployable mobile hospitals are able to replace stationary hospitals that have failed due to disasters or floods.

The mobility and ease of installation of mobile tents is provided by pneumoframe modules, with which it is possible to design the desired blocks through modular transitions or joints. Karmod engaged in projects of construction of mobile hospitals.

The infrastructure and equipment of this type of hospitals is developed in accordance with the intended purpose on the basis of pneumatic frame modules. The inside of the hospital tent must withstand repeated disinfection.

The equipment requires all the same basic life support devices. All materials are sufficiently strong and resistant to adverse weather conditions, and also fully comply with world standards of quality.

Deployable mobile hospitals are manufactured by Karmod in Turkey. They are manufactured on the basis of multi-section isothermal vans that can be installed on the chassis of any freight motor vehicle, semi-trailer or trailer with a length of 8 m. In the process of manufacturing hospitals are undergo technical, medical, electromagnetic, sanitary-hygienic tested. Moreover they have the corresponding registration certificate and certificate of conformity.


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