Workforce Housing Accommodations

Workforce Housing Accommodations

Workforce Housing Construction : We custom build workforce housing accommodations to fulfill any need or specification. We have the experience, expertise and attitude to get it done on time, on budget and on another level.
We are a single provider controlling every aspect of your project, we deliver greater quality, cost efficiency and speed to market.Whether you seek accommodations for one or several thousand, our local team of experts is available to discuss your unique requirements and provide an appropriate solution to comfortably and affordably house your workforce including field workers and executive staff. From interiors with basic functionality to designing custom-finishes, we offer a wide range of sleeper units, bunkhouses, barracks, dormitory complexes and side-by-side camps.

Temporary Workforce Housing
Whether it’s temporary oil field housing, temporary apartments in an Olympic village or housing for disaster relief workers, we customize to your needs and preferences. We provide short-term, long-term, affordable and comfortable turnkey accommodations and hospitality solutions – no matter the coordinates or condition.

Our sleeping accommodations include:
When you need a workforce camp, it should be flexible, scalable and economical. We can meet all of those needs and then some.
We can mobilize our relocatable sleeper units and dormitories quickly to help you provide the accommodations you require for your project, even for a large crew. Our dorms are built with durability, longevity and extreme climates in mind, taking into consideration factors like insulation, weatherproofing, and reinforced construction to reduce maintenance costs.
Sleeper units that ideally house smaller groups of four to ten employees
Dormitory complexes configurable to accommodate any size workforce with single or two-story options available
Side-by-side camps that are designed for quick assembly, ease of dismantle and relocation

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