We offer different container types from office to work site buildings solutions

We can produce containers types according to different dimensions and plans, wall panel structure, functional usage and as demountable or ready structure.
Standard container refers to the type of container that is produced fully within factory environment as ready to use. Whereas the demountable container refers to the type that is pre-produced with easy-transportation advantages and is assembled on site and delivered as ready to use.
Our containers can be classified according to different criteria such as dimensions, structure and purpose of usage as the following:
– According to dimensions they can come in two main models 3×7 m and 2.4×6 m and other customized dimensions if customer required.
– According to materials and structure there are sandwich panel containers and galvanized steel containers.
– According to production specifications there are standard fixed containers and demountable containers
– Finally according to the purpose of usage we produce work site containers, office containers, management building containers, WC and shower containers, garage container, gsm containers, generators containers…etc.

Karmod’s standard containers can be produced based on 50 different plans. They are produced in 3×7 and 2.4×6 m dimensions and as ready to use. For international destinations the 2.4×6 m type can be produced as demountable for easy transportation and it can be assembled on site easily by our expert teams.
Containers that can be linked together are called jointed containers. Under this type of containers wide areas can be formed and based on required plan, in addition to that containers can be stacked up to three floors. Jointed containers can be used for working offices, dormitory, mess hall, recreation room, WC and shower units, seminar room, sales office, management offices and a lot of other functions.

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