What is prefabricated?

Prefabricated building is a term used to describe pre-manufactured or pre-engineered building that is produced with special technology in short time inside factory environment. Among prefabricated buildings types we can find prefabricated houses, prefabricated buildings, prefabricated work site buildings, prefabricated homes, prefabricated housing, prefabricated villas, prefabricated social facilities, prefabricated dormitories, prefabricated mess hall, prefabricated office, prefabricated factory and so on.

Prefabricated buildings are highly secure thanks to their demountable structures that don’t contain welding. The system used in production of prefabricated buildings is completely threaded for long-lasting and secure products. At the technical office the chosen prefabricated building model is entered into production line and through all stages it is processed with computer based machinery that do twisting, cutting and screw holes so that building is made ready then shipped and assembled on site by our expert teams.

For wall panels of prefabricated buildings two layers of cement board with EPS between them is used with total thickness of 10 cm. External door is high quality steel door and for internal doors American panel doors are used. For windows first quality PVC windows are used.

The most important feature of prefabricated buildings is being delivered ready to use including electrical wiring, electrical fixtures, plumbing and water fixtures (battery, sink, toilet, etc.), doors, windows and paint. Buildings that can take years to be completed in traditional concrete method can be finished in very short time with prefabricated buildings as they come with demountable structure and they can be assembled quickly on site and delivered as ready to use.

In its general sense the word prefabricated doesn’t only apply to prefabricated buildings models which we mentioned above, as it also can apply to prefabricated container buildings. Among container buildings types we can find standard container, demountable container, modular container, construction container, work site container, GSM container, generator container, office container, toilet container, wc container, medical and chemical waste container, shower container, house container and other options of prefabricated containers.

In addition to prefabricated buildings and containers, modular cabins can also be among prefabricated structures. Among types of modular mobile cabins we can find security cabins, guard booth, ticket sales booth, cards sales booth, buffet cabin, coffee shop, site safety cabin, bread selling kiosk, taxi stall, wc cabin, shower cabin, mobile toilet cabin, and so on.

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