Toilet containers and shower Container units

Hygienic and Economic Toilet and Shower containers

Quick, flexible and efficient implementation of sanitary facilities
Toilet containers are the optimal solution if sanitary facilities quickly have to be implemented and the installation sites are permanently changing.

Due to the completely galvanised construction the toilet containers are extremely sturdy and of long-lasting value and are available with different equipment options.

You can choose between the toilet unit with separate ladies’ and gentlemen’s area, with toilet cabins, urinals and wash basins or the toilet container for ladies’ and gentlemen with closed separation wall. The ladies’ area is equipped with a toilet cabin and wash basin, the gentlemen’s area has an additional urinal.

Karmod Container can provide Shower and Toilet Containers suitable for Events, Campsites or Permanent sites to meet your needs. Combined Toilet and Shower Containers are also available.

Karmod container sells the most flexible containers, in a variety of sizes, conditions and modifications. We work with you to define what is ideally suited to your needs. We stock and offer the most reliable and efficient containers in Turkey, maintained by our qualified on staff mechanics.

If larger toilet units are needed the toilet container for ladies and gentlemen can also be equipped with two toilet cabins and two wash basins. Furthermore, the gentlemen’s toilet has two urinals.

Finally, we offer the toilet container only for gentlemen with 4 toilet cabins, 4 urinals and 2 wash basins.

The toilet containers are equipped with high-quality furniture: porcelain toilets and porcelain wash basins, PVC ceilings, easy to clean. Optional extra: waste water and excrement tank if the installation site does not have a mains connection.

Attractive, Functional and Hygienic Room Solutions

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