Luxury Custom Tiny Home Builders

Luxury Custom Tiny Home Builders

Tiny Homes That Are Amazingly Affordable

As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we attach great importance to comfort and practicality in our works. We design our prefabricated homes to be as comfortable as possible while keeping the durability and affordability feature at hand. Using latest technologies in our works, we have become one of the leading modular buildings provider across the globe thanks to our more than 35 years of experience in this industry.

As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we consider all kinds of humanitarian and professional measures. We work carefully and respect our surroundings while we are working. We also respect all religions, ideas, communities, and environment. From flat pack containers and Tiny Houses

buildings to luxury custom tiny homes and container homes, we provide the latest technology, practical modular buildings for your accommodation or other needs.

You’ve Never Seen A Tiny House Like This Before!

All of our products contain core elements that a modular building must have but also various extra features that will increase your quality of living. Our products can be transferred from one place to another with ease thanks to their increased portability and easy installation and deinstallation feature, they can have their interior, exterior and even roof customized however our customers wish and they are specifically designed to be as durable and cost-efficient as possible thanks to the production of eco-friendly prefabricated panels that most of our products are made out of. As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we believe in the mutual respect we have between our clients and work hard to provide much larger variety of services while increasing the quality of Tiny Houses services as a whole. We love what we do and thanks to our experienced family, we aim to continue to do so.

Increasing the Quality of Tiny Houses for More than 35 Years

The tiny house trend is surprisingly gaining popularity all over the world. The question may arise whether this trend is due to a need or purely aesthetic concerns. You can also consider how a tiny house offers advantages. So, what is this tiny house trend?

Karmod Tiny Homes – Cozy, Affordable Living, and Fun

The term tiny house actually has many different meanings. It is obvious that it is related to the recently popular minimalism movement, but it is not a concept that emerged purely for aesthetic purposes. Portable houses are an ideal solution for people who are bored with urban life. The desire to live in quiet and quiet areas away from crowded environments has led to the development of the portable tiny homes industry. Inevitably, these houses must be different from traditional houses in cities. Portable Tiny houses must be small, both in terms of construction technology and not to resemble urban houses. Of course, these houses are also available in different sizes as in traditional houses. It is even possible to build an apartment built in this factory environment. A small tiny house is more preferred in terms of being easy to carry and offering a simple design.

Comfortable and Practical Accommodation with Karmod Luxury Custom Tiny Homes

Tiny houses are small sized but full-fledged houses in terms of the materials inside. Building or buying a small house is an affordable solution to step into a high-quality life. The space of the house was used with maximum efficiency in the production and design of tiny houses. In order to obtain maximum efficiency, production is carried out with the most innovative technologies in the factory environment. You will have no problem moving in if you own a tiny house. In this way, you can live freely without having to stick to a location. As Karmod, we produce the latest technology tiny houses. High-quality, low cost, craftsman-built tiny houses on wheels allow you to have the living space of your dreams.

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