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Ticket and Information Booths

A leading manufacturer of kiosks, booths and shelters.

Karmod Modular offers a number of well designed and very attractive prefabricated modular kiosk buildings that can accommodate a number of different situations. These prefab kiosks can be customized to meet your modular building requirements or reflect your corporate identity.

When people are working in a temporary building or kiosk, they are to a certain extent, exposed to the rest of the world, and may well be working on their own in an isolated area. While it is impossible to offer anything that is completely safe in the form of a prefabricated kiosk, the range of modular products offered by Easy Karmod do feature a high standard of construction that produce greater levels of protection for staff when they are working, as well as being attractive and accessible.

Our product line includes access control booths, parking/security booths, gas island kiosks, small convenience stores, customs inspection or toll booths, plus smoking and transit shelters. We deliver high-quality portable booths and shelters quickly and economically — anywhere in the world!

Turkey Kiosk can create your perfect layout from our wide variety of sizes and shapes, with add-ons like electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. We offer a complete selection of both exterior and interior finishes and colours.

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