Temporary construction site offices

Temporary construction site offices

Temporary construction site office

As one of the most preferred brands in the world in prefabricated building technologies, we contribute to construction projects with our construction site buildings, we produce every structure that may be needed in accommodation units in a construction project in the highest quality and in a very short time and make their institutions in the field of shipment.

Safe worker camps of high quality that we built from container structures allow your staff to work and rest in comfortable areas. When you choose Karmod buildings in your worker camps, you do not have to focus or deal with anything other than your job. Our buildings are economical structures that are compatible with human health and they minimize the damage you give to the environment. Our buildings, which we have prepared with our expert teams, also have stylish designs. If you want, we can produce single storey containers up to three floors. We transport our structures, which we carefully carry in international shipping standards, to all parts of the world. In our 35 years of adventure, we have delivered our products to dozens of countries from all over the world and we continue to deliver them.

All Units That May Be Needed In A Construction Site Are In This Construction Site Buildings!

Experience is one of the most important factors when building construction site structures. As Karmod, we help you choose the best structures for your project with our 35 years of experience in building labor camps for dozens of different sectors. Karmod offers its container based construction site office buildings that can include: workers dormitories, management offices, dining halls, meeting rooms, recreation rooms, WC and showers and many other functions.

Container Based Construction Site Office Buildings Are Both Ergonomic And Useful

One of the most preferred structures in construction site buildings are construction site office buildings. Structures that can be preferred as management offices, study offices, showrooms, information offices or changing offices are very useful and ergonomic structures. Our structures are produced with a seamless system. In this way, they are easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be easily moved from one place to another.

Some of the products we use in projects we carry out all over the world:

  • Steel school buildings,
  • Prefabricated construction site offices,
  • City hospitals and hospital buildings,
  • Mass housing projects (in cooperation with different public and public institutions)
  • Workers accommodation structures
  • Construction site offices container buildings

Superior Features of Our Construction Site Buildings

Suitable for 1st degree earthquake zones. They have the highest roof insulation in their class. Again, the highest insulation values ​​in its class are in Karmod construction site buildings. It has a wind speed of 80 km / hour. The unwelded structure combination provides advantages in many areas. They have a snow load value of 75 kg / m2. Each of the materials we use in our production are TSE certified materials whose quality is approved. The electrical installation is laid over the panel using TSE certified cables. The installation is over plaster and optionally can be made under plaster.

The rate of fibercement panel preference in construction site buildings is rapidly increasing. Fibercement system buildings are highly preferred structures as a fast and economical prefabricated building system that provides ease of use for multiple purposes such as working offices, worker dormitories, dining areas, WC-shower and social facility areas in construction sites. EPS, rock wool or glass wool insulation materials are used in the walls of the carcassed panel buildings according to the needs of our customers. Fibercement sheets are human and environment friendly material. It does not contain any material that could be harmful to humans or the environment. There are no gas emissions to the environment over time or depending on atmospheric conditions. They show very good resistance to chemicals except lime solvents. They are especially resistant to alkalis.

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