Cashier Ticket Booth

Cashier Ticket Booth Cashier booths are used in many settings, from parking lots, to car washes, to parks and marinas, airports and tourist attractions. Karmod International offers several styles and too many sizes of cashier booths to list them all here. From basic to top-of-the line, Karmod cashier booth can meet any organization’s need for … Devamını oku…Cashier Ticket Booth

Ticket booth

Ticket Booth Whether you need a small ticket booth for issuing admittance to a parking lot or a large portable building that can handle thousand of visitors, we can create your solution. Our standard line of pre-assembled buildings range in size from 3′ x 4′ to 8′ x 16′ and feature sliding glass windows, fully functional … Devamını oku…Ticket booth

Car park kiosks, Car Park control units

Car Park Control Units Karmod Modular Kiosks, Turkey is founded on 28years of experience in the development and manufacture of GRP kiosks, gatehouses and car park control units. Here are some examples of our car park control units and security kiosks as used by some of the biggest car park management and security companies in … Devamını oku…Car park kiosks, Car Park control units