Security Booth, Portable Security Booths

Security Booths  Karmod provides the safest and most secure security booths, gatehouses, guard shelters, border inspection booths, security checkpoints and gun surveillance towers to government, private industry, airports and Turkey. Military facilities everywhere.A Karmod attendant booth offers your customers and clients a level of service, convenience and security that allows your business stand apart from others. … Read moreSecurity Booth, Portable Security Booths

Karmod Prefabricated security cabins were chosen by Erbil Airport

Erbil International Airport

Erbil International Airport Karmod buildings are being preferred in safe all over the world. One of the project Karmod completed is Erbil Airport. Karmod prefabricated security cabins were chosen by Erbil Airport. A total number of 8 security cabin units with 150×150 cm dimensions were produced and delivered to Erbil Airport to be used as … Read moreKarmod Prefabricated security cabins were chosen by Erbil Airport

Security Cabins – Portable Security Guard Booths

security guard cabin for sale in islamabad

Portable Security Cabins  Karmod’s pre-assembled security cabin are used to protect individuals and employees at government and military installations, airports, theme parks, stadiums, security cabin are typically just larger versions of guard booths. They are often designed to cabin more than one security professional and often feature internal rooms. Quality modular security cabin shipped to … Read moreSecurity Cabins – Portable Security Guard Booths