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Security Booths  Karmod provides the safest and most secure security booths, gatehouses, guard shelters, border inspection booths, security checkpoints and gun surveillance towers to government, private industry, airports and Turkey. Military facilities everywhere.A Karmod attendant booth offers your customers and clients a level of service, convenience and security that allows your business stand apart from others. … Read moreSecurity Booth, Portable Security Booths

Portable guard shack prices

 Portable guard shacks The security booth is a key asset to the overall perimeter security plan, as it houses your guards, as well has many other critical elements, such as monitors, gate controls, duress buttons and many other options.  The guards are your eyes and ears, and it is imperative that they have a well … Read morePortable guard shack prices

Guard Booths | Prefabricated Security Guard Booths

Prefab Security Booth

Security guard booths Karmod’s Security guard booths are portable, affordable, customizable and secure. We have been the leader in prefabricated security guard buildings since 1986. Our portable guard shacks will defend your security guards from rain, snow, and Karmod’s pre-assembled guard booths are used to protect individuals and employees at government and military installations, airports, … Read moreGuard Booths | Prefabricated Security Guard Booths