What is prefabricated?

Prefabricated building is a term used to describe pre-manufactured or pre-engineered building that is produced with special technology in short time inside factory environment. Among prefabricated buildings types we can find prefabricated houses, prefabricated buildings, prefabricated work site buildings, prefabricated homes, prefabricated housing, prefabricated villas, prefabricated social facilities, prefabricated dormitories, prefabricated mess hall, prefabricated office, … Read moreWhat is prefabricated?

Portable Cabin and Portacabins Prices

Porta Cabin Manufacturer High quality portable cabins. leading European supplier. A Porta cabin is a temporary structure or building that is specially designed and constructed to be movable and not permanently located in one place. Available in various sizes, designs and shapes, these cabins are used as project offices, stores, cement go-downs, security cabins, canteens, … Read morePortable Cabin and Portacabins Prices