Parking Booths & Parking Lot Attendant Booths

Prefabricated Parking Booth

Portable Parking Attendant Booth Prefabricated Parking booths from Karmod can accommodate one attendant for small lots or toll booth plazas for more complex applications. Adding a parking attendant booth provides an extra dimension of customer service to your company that you did not even know you needed. Karmod provides a parking booth, prefab, portable parking … Read moreParking Booths & Parking Lot Attendant Booths

Portable Security Guard Booths

portable Cashier Booths

Portable Guard Booths Karmod portable guard booths are portable, affordable, customizable and secure. We have been the leader in prefabricated security buildings since 1986. Portable Guard Booth – Karmod builds a portable guard booth and prefab guard booth applications and guard booth and guard shack products protect employees from the elements on parking lots or … Read morePortable Security Guard Booths