Modular Medical Buildings & Healthcare Facilities

Mobile hospital

Mobile & Field Hospital Construction Mobile Hospitals or Mobile Field Hospitals by Karmod are Mobile Medical Units combined to form a larger hospital facility that can provide on site medical treatment during natural disasters, civil unrest or warfare operations. High Quality Mobile Field Hospital with Competitive Price. Turnkey mobile medical facilities for COVID-19 response, disaster … Read moreModular Medical Buildings & Healthcare Facilities

Modular Medical Facilities, Modular Clinics and Mobile Hospital

Emergency Field Hospital

Modular Clinics and Mobile Hospital Modular buildings are products that can be used for everything. They can be used for a simple security cabin, but also they can be used for a field hospital. Their usage area is very wide. Karmod is a company that produces modular buildings for every sector. One of the usage … Read moreModular Medical Facilities, Modular Clinics and Mobile Hospital

Commercial Modular Construction

Commercial modular construction Karmod is an industry leader in the construction of commercial modular buildings. We offer 10-25% lower construction cost than traditional construction. Karmod builds modular commercial buildings, prefab warehouse buildings, Modern permanent or temporary modular office buildings are attractive and encampment sites. Karmod, Inc. offers the best in Modular Construction and Site Development … Read moreCommercial Modular Construction