Military camps Prefab And Container Army Technology

Portable Military Shelters

Military camps technology Military camps are the places having critical importance. They affect the future of your country and the life of thousands of people working in military. Because of that, everything in these camps have critical importance too. Karmod builds high-tech, modern and very useful prefabricated or container modular army camps. These camps have … Read moreMilitary camps Prefab And Container Army Technology

Transportable Shelter System for Disaster Relief

 Containerized Housing Unit For Sale There are some events that happen all the time, no matter how much technology advances or how much the world changes. Natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes are among these. At the same time, war has always been a fact of humanbeing. After such situations, migrations may occur. Huge … Read moreTransportable Shelter System for Disaster Relief

Army container Military Shelters

Military Shelters

Army Container Homes “We offer 230×600 and, 300×700, Army Container Camps, Military Housing Camps and Army Command Camps” These manufactured army containers are for camp accommodation projects. A vast amount of experience has been built over the years due to the amount of projects that we have undertaken. We have the ability to built living … Read moreArmy container Military Shelters