low cost housing, low cost prefab cabins

Low cost housing

Low cost housing World’s remarkable two-decade residential construction boom has primarily focused on serving high-income earners in major cities, leaving millions of its citizens without quality housing options. For these families, a quality house that meets their basic needs is becoming more and more unattainable due to Karmod prefab housing construction costs and a lack … Read morelow cost housing, low cost prefab cabins

Low Income Public Housing, Light steel frame system

Low Income Public  Prefab Housing People who have low income are waiting for years to have a house. But with prefab homes building, being a home owner is easier now! So, what is prefab home? As the name suggest, “pre-fabricated” houses are produced in a factory before they are installed. They are not “built” they … Read moreLow Income Public Housing, Light steel frame system

Residential Projects in Turkey

Internationally Awarded Residential Project

Residential Projects in Turkey Affordable and Luxury Residential Projects of Istanbul and Internationally Awarded Residential Project, Istanbul Turkey – Top Selling Projects We cause deterioration of our environment with what we consume. Our lives are in danger due to rapid population growth, excessive use of natural resources, and the increase in the use of insoluble … Read moreResidential Projects in Turkey