prefab ecological houses, Houses of Future

Ecological house, models of future houses
the ecological houses will be the future green houses
Nowadays, with the extensive information flow coming from internet, TV and people arround us, it seems difficult to form common understanding of a certain concept.
Environmental, ecological and organic are concepts that we use in our daily lives, yet there is no agreement about the content of what these terms means. Every person understands Ecological, environmentally-friendly and organic differently because these thoughts are put in our minds by different information sources that is providing us with complex information.

Now one of these new terms is Ecological House. What is Ecological House?
With the huge increase in world population we are experiencing reduction in vital resources. Energy resources also are becoming limited and more concentrated, and that is why people are more concerned about having energy-efficient led products.

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Prefabricated Buildings are Approved to be Environmentally-Friendly

Karmod Production was Approved as Environmentally-Friendly Karmod modern factory was approved to receive compliance with environmental law certificate from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Karmod production was approved as not harmful for the environment and human health. In relation to this subject the inspections that were carried out found that ventilation system and chimneys … Devamını oku…Prefabricated Buildings are Approved to be Environmentally-Friendly