Permanent Modular Buildings, Offices, Schools

Permanent Modular Construction

Permanent Modular Construction Permanent Modular Construction and Permanent Modular Buildings: This innovative, sustainable construction method employs off-site manufacturing of prefabricated modules that are deployed in whole building solutions (single- or multi-story) Permanent modular buildings are normally seen in high-rise apartment buildings and offices. Relocatable modular buildings. Save time and money with modular construction of permanent … Read morePermanent Modular Buildings, Offices, Schools

Construction Workers Residential City

Prefab labour camp construction

Construction camp buildings Karmod has extensive expertise in designing and manufacturing offices, camps, and housing for workers built for their comfort. Over 35 years experience in oil & gas, minerary, military, humanitarian sectors. From temporary construction camps to permanent operating facilities and everything in between, our turnkey workforce accommodations offer a comfortable and Man camp … Read moreConstruction Workers Residential City