Portable Parking Attendant Booths

Attendant Booths

Attendant Booths Bring the future to your workplace with Karmod Prefabricated Technologies. Having over 35 years of experience in the fields it operates, Karmod Prefabricated Technologies offers the latest technology services that will make your work or life easier in any way. From dorm containers and construction site office containers to Portable Parking Attendant Booth and … Read morePortable Parking Attendant Booths

Ticket Booth Cashier | Prefabricated Ticket Booth for Sale

Ticket Booth Cashier

Ticket Booth Cashier A cashier booth is a parking control or ticket sales building. Portable steel buildings are easily adapted to serve as a parking cashier booth. These portable, prefabricated ticket booths, also known as prefab ticket booths or portable ticket booths allow for easy installation and are simple to move from one location to … Read moreTicket Booth Cashier | Prefabricated Ticket Booth for Sale