Syrian prefab houses, Low income housing application

Syrian prefab houses

Introducing the Karmod Prefab Building System
Karmod is one of the world’s leading low cost construction technology suppliers involved in providing solutions to mass housing projects. Our unique capability in this area has led to our involvement in projects across 4 continents.
The Karmod prefab housing concept was designed and refined over a period of over 31 years, and has been successfully implemented since 1986 . The principles governing its design were intended to overcome the challenges of building affordable, quality housing in the developing world. Comparisons with all other systems including conventional methods and other panel based technologies in all environments have confirmed Karmod prefab homes superiority for cost, speed of construction, strength, versatility and ease of deployment.
The core of the Karmod prefabricated Building system is the prefab panel making machine and the fiber cement panels themselves which are manufactured onsite.

Fiber cement is sprayed onto the building structures, initially made up of the framework and the panels only.

Karmod is the world’s leading low cost housing solution because it provides, governments, developers and construction companies with a rapid delivery, low cost construction system. Our low cost prefabrcated building system provides significant cost savings to large scale construction projects and is superior in comparison to formwork, Fiber cement panels forming, and all other concrete house construction systems. By deploying Karmod low cost social housing system, governments and private developers can deliver affordable social prefabricated housing, with government subsidies the cost can be reduced further again. When compared to fiber cement panels systems Karmod is up to 10 times quicker in construction.

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