Super cabin and Caravan – Portable super cabins

Super cabin and Caravan – Portable super cabins

Fiberglass Modular Super Porta Cabin And Caravan Factory

Since the day it was founded, Karmod has been producing polyester cabins all over the world. Usage areas of Karmod cabins are as follows: living cabins, mosques cabins, office cabins, prefab caravan house, chalets, shelters, WC and shower cabins, class rooms, security cabins, security guard super cabinsand many other usages. Polyester Cabin is a type of modular super cabin produced from the latest technology polyester material (frp). Its usage area is wide enough to be used in dozens of areas such as prefabricated cabin, security cabin, earthquake cabin, mobo cabin, especially in areas such as watch box, mobile toilet. It can produce a wide range of standard portable super cabins in different sizes from 150×150 cm to 270×750 cm. Polyester super cabins aesthetically beautify their location with their aesthetic appearance, and can be easily used in modern areas. A special painting system is used in Karmod fiber cabins and with this system, polyester cabin does not smell.

The glasses used in the production of portable super cabins can be offered in different types according to the demands of the customers. The opening directions of the glasses can be up and down, left and right, or they can be produced fixedly according to customer demand. The outer panel of our cabins is produced by pressing in specially shaped metal steel construction and polyester molds and with automation technology at 50 degrees with a firing system. They are produced with a belt system.

The outer and inner surface coatings are resistant to the outer atmosphere, to ultraviolet rays of the sun at +60 degrees and cold to -50 degrees. Exterior and interior panels are washable, rustproof, rotproof and easy to clean. All the parts and materials we use in the production of our cabins are selected from among the highest quality brands in order to protect the quality we offer you. All of the equipment used in the production of Karmod super cabin, from electrical and sanitary installations to doors and windows, are TSE certified.

Karmod Super Cabins Can Be Shipped Instantly Anywhere In The World

Shipments of our cabins are also very easy. Since Karmod portable super cabins are produced in the factory with mass production and stocked in a short time, they can be shipped anywhere in the world from the moment of order, ready for immediate use. They can be easily transported to the desired location in a very short time by means of a crane. In conditions where it is not possible to load with a crane, there are legs that allow it to be carried with a forklift or a pallet truck. Karmod cabins, such as porta cabin qatar, qatar fiberglass portable cabins, porta suber cabin saudi arabia, uae, bahrain, kuwait, oman, yemen, libya, tunisia, mauritania djibouti, can be shipped anywhere in the world in a very short time at international transportation standards.

Karmod portable super cabins has a very strong structure thanks to the durable panels produced in our production facilities using the latest technology production systems. In addition, they have high insulation and they are suitable for use in harsh weather conditions. Karmod cabins are the best in terms of both price and quality. It offers you the best solution both economically and in terms of usage area. Please visit our website for more detailed information about our cabins, which have the advantages of fast production, fast delivery and easy installation. You can view dozens of projects we have realized in every corner of the world on our website. You can also contact us for ordering and pricing.


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