Super cabin and Caravan – Portable super cabins

Super cabin and Caravan – Portable super cabins

Fiberglass modular super porta cabin and Caravan factory

Karmod has been producing Polyester cabins since it was established in 1986 and its career was full of successes, However, it excelled in cabin industry. Karmod is proud of producing the best cabins with top quality. Toughness and the smart design make us the optimal choice for multiple purposes such as living cabins, mosques cabins, office cabins, chalets, WC and shower cabins, security cabins, and many other usages.

Security Guard Cabins and Portable Super Cabins

Karmod cabins enjoy strong structure thanks to its tough panels that are produced by means to state of the art production technology. It is also highly insulated and can be comfortably used under different weather conditions.

Karmod cabins are most commonly used as security and guard huts/cabins thanks to their non-corrosive and durable prefabricated structures, and the long lasting and effective materials used in insulation.Security cabins are used by corporate houses, government agencies, security companies, residential sector, construction site, embassies, military bases…etc.

Karmod produces wide range of cabins in different plans, designs and dimensions. Our modern cabins have stylish and attractive designs and finishes.

All parts and materials that are used in cabins production are chosen from among top quality brands to maintain our promised quality.

Karmod Super cabin:  Caravans, Fiber Cabins, Qatar Saudi Arabia UAE Bahrain Kuwait Oman Yemen Libya Tunisia Mauritania Djibouti

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