Steel houses are the right choice for higher security and aesthetic appearance

Affordable steel houses south Africa

Nowadays Steel houses are becoming widespread with their aesthetic design, secure structure and external different cladding options. They offer opportunities to customers with their luxurious structure models. They are manufactured in short time compared with other types of houses.
Utilizing modern technology, Steel houses are produced with seamless threaded system, and is assembled on site by Karmod experienced staff. Thanks to the specifications of steel material, steel houses are highly secure against earthquakes. They are ergonomic with luxurious interior that allows you to live happily with your beloved ones.
All our steel houses plans and models reflect the experience of our architects and engineers in providing aesthetic and comfortable houses. Furthermore customized products are also produced in order to meet customers’ expectations.

First step will be to take your decision about buying a steel house from Karmod whether single-storey or double-storey, then when you confirm which model you will buy a production file will be prepared and posted to production department. Production department will in turn transfer the file to the computer after being checked by the quality control department. The computer controlled machines will start cutting, bending and drilling the steel profiles and manufacture them through band production system and house will be completed as ready to be shipped. At the same time all other parts like doors, windows, steel door, roof covering, electrical and sanitary networks and installations are being prepared also for shipment. All parts and materials are checked again when loaded into truck or container by quality department. Assembling team is prepared to arrive on site by the time the disassembled house arrives there. The experienced team then starts the assembling process on site and deliver the house to the customer as ready to use.
Steel houses’ external cladding can be chosen from among wide selection of choices like: aluminium composite, glass, veneer, decorative stone coating, Yalipan boards, and siding cladding.
In Turkey steel houses are widely preferred and recognized by local people. This was mainly after the significant number of losses in lives after earthquakes that hit different cities. It has been widely comprehended now that steel houses are more secure than traditional concrete buildings in resisting earthquakes.

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