Custom Light Steel Villa – Light Steel Structure houses

Custom Light Steel Villa – Light Steel Structure houses

Steel Frame House Cost

Steel, which consists of a mixture of iron and carbon (coal), is much more cost effective than many materials. Steel is used in many sectors from the automotive sector to construction, from the information sector to health. Although one of the reasons to be preferred is economical, the most important advantage it provides is its very good load carrying capacity. Steel frame houses are the most durable houses when considering the structures produced as an alternative to traditional structures and developed with the advancement of technology. At the same time, steel fame house prices are much more affordable than both reinforced concrete methods and other alternatives, container or prefabricated houses. It is very difficult to have deformation in steel frame house cost, which are very durable. Steel houses are fully produced as ready to use inside modern factory facilities with full usage of materials without any waste.

In terms of steel frame house prices, what are the advantages included?

Reinforced concrete structures have many disadvantages today, where speed, cost and ecology are important. One of these disadvantages is their high cost. High-cost structures are naturally sold for much more expensive prices. This makes it increasingly difficult to own a house and to invest in the real estate sector. Due to these disadvantages, new alternatives are being developed compared to traditional methods. These alternatives are prefabs, containers and steel structures. Each of these alternatives provides advantages in different matters. Steel house prices will be a much better choice considering the quality and price balance in other alternatives.

Custom Light Steel Villa – Light Steel Structure homes

Earthquake is a reality of our lives. There is no other option but to take action against a reality that we cannot prevent. Steel frame houses, prefab houses, container houses are much more durable than reinforced concrete structures in earthquakes. Since steel material absorbs energy in an earthquake, even if it is deformed, they are not destroyed.

While designing a building, a calculation plan and design is made with theoretical values. Unfortunately, this plan, design or theoretical values ​​are generally not followed in practice. However, since steel frame houses are produced in a factory environment, the construction of structures that are much more compatible with theoretical values ​​is provided. It can be produced in international quality standards. Steel materials are durable materials. They do not lose strength during transportation or displacement.

In steel frame houses, they are much more protected in cases such as fire, thanks to the use of non-flammable, low-risk or flame-retardant materials and their steel structure. It is very easy to disassemble and assemble thanks to being produced with an unwelded system. When you want to expand your home during use, you can do this in a much shorter time, much lower costs, without harming the environment and more easily.

In reinforced concrete buildings, weather conditions affect almost every process of the construction process, from foundation to roof. However, since the manufacturing or assembly of steel frame houses are not dependent on weather conditions, they can be done within the planned period or even in a shorter time. You can build steel houses in all seasons of the year.

Karmod steel frame houses pass through many different tests while designing, producing and installing them. As a result of these tests, full security and durability are provided. As a company that has been in the sector for 35 years, we make hundreds of customers from all over the world homeowners every year. Together with our experienced staff, we design and manufacture houses with custom sizes and the number of floors you want. If you also want to own a house, but if you want to give up for reasons such as cost, Karmod’s very affordable steel houses prices will surprise you. Contact us now to get your dream home in just weeks.

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