In terms of steel houses prices, what are the advantages included?

Steel houses prices

Steel houses are fully produced as ready to use inside modern factory facilities with full usage of materials without any waste.

All parts used in mass production of ready to use steel houses models such as steel, wall panels, roof and ceiling coverings, steel doors, panel doors, pvc double glazed windows, electricity and water supplies, electricity and water fittings are all purchased in bulk allowing for considerable savings and reflecting in more economical prices.

Steel houses are produced as demountable and assembling is being done by Karmod expert teams and then delivered to customer as ready to use. Steel house does not require any special skilled personnel since production untill installation. Therefore considering the cost of such qualified personnel prices of steel houses are also economical in this respect. Briefly Karmod steel houses do not require qualified people to install electricity, water, roof, windows, doors, and rain drainage system.

Compared to other types of houses, steel houses are economical in terms of installation period. Whereas other structures require long production period, Karmod’s steel houses on the other side are fully produced as demountable inside factory then shipped as ready to use and delivered by expert teams to customer in short time. You will be able to get rid of Renting a house and become a house owner in short time with Karmod.

Please pay enough attention to company’s specifications when you want to make a decision about having a steel house.


–          Is the company producing steel hosues based on international standards, and are they experienced?

–          are their references satisfactory? what kind of projects they carriend out previously?

–          Are they using  seamless production technology or classic style prefab building? At Karmod’s modern production facilities, a seamless threaded production technology is being used. Produced as ready to use, seamless and demountable structure, Karmod’s steel houses are long-lasting luxury houses.

–          Are their prices attractive considering the technical specifications of their products?

–          Are the materials used  in production of good quality and known brands? Karmod uses high quality materials in production of steel houses. from electric installation to water pipes, from doors fittings to windows, and from ceiling to wall coverings Karmod will deliver exactly what it says in its technical specifications.

–          What is the real area of the house, wall thickness, and how is the quality of doors and windows, electrical and plumbing supplies?

–          Is there after-sales support service? Karmod provides after sales service on its steel houses against manufacturing and assembling defects.

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