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Karmod Steel Homes offers you the best value in new housing. Available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and floor plans, our steel frame homes are as beautiful as they are strong. Contractors and builders will appreciate our simple, bolt-together system, and home buyers will enjoy the immediate benefits and long-term savings of residential steel construction.

Safer, faster, more economical!
Light Steel Construction System is a kind of construction in which the structural components are manufactured from galvanized steel with cold forming process. Having been manufactured under control in factories using state-of-the-art machinery, the structural components are mounted after being transported under protection, to the construction site. Thus, the man-made errors in Light Steel Construction System are minimized. Also, as the manufacturing in construction site is minimized, the damages and faults resulting from this manufacturing are eliminated to a great extent. Even if we only count those qualities, the Light Steel Construction System has superiority over conventional reinforced concrete buildings

Esthetical and long-lasting design
Flexible design with wide range of choices
Flawless production
Fast production
More efficient seismic performance
Easy installation
Special flush mounted installations
Material price stability
High acoustic insulation
High water and heat insulation
Corrosion resistant and rustproof
Resistant to bacterial effect and decay
Reasonable cost

Turnkey Delivery Construction
Anahtar Teslim İnşaat More detailer, more adherent, more professional!

Turnkey Delivery Construction includes all of the processes of a building, including the foundation, having a project or project of which is drafted by us, until it is inhabitable. Karmod Construction has all the satisfactory experience, professional staff and equipment to organize all the phases in a building within the frame of light steel construction systems being carried out in domestic as well as foreign projects and it is able to undertake turnkey deliveries for housings in this segment. As the Light Steel Construction System is a new construction system, 80% of a commitment for supporting and producing 1 million m2 of reference made by the other affiliate, a producer company Karmod , was successively fulfilled by Karmod Construction as a turnkey delivery. Karmod Construction is competent in giving perfect services in the processes of production, projecting, construction organization scheme, quality control and also timely delivery of the work.

Alternative Solution For Cooperative Housıng Societies From Karmod

Cooperative housing system which is being used in Turkey for many years is a significant housing system has been accepted as an efficient manner in whole world. Neverthless this system couldn’t find the right place among Turkish people. Some of the reasons may be counted as:

1. Long and uncompleted projects and correspondingly losing confidence to the system.
2. Administration or contractor have abused the members.
3. Prolonged construction durations bring extremely high costs and beclouded problems
4. Required funds have been obliged to be obtained only financial abilities of members beacuse of unfounded credit facilities
5. Additional financial sources or disfunctioned buildings occured according to unqualified structure technologies.

Actually housing cooperative societies are truly essential housing model that can realize getting a house with completely available prices correspondingly the reasons below:

  • Strength: Steel-framed houses have withstood hurricanes and earthquakes. Steel’s qualities allow it to meet the strictest wind and seismic standards in the building codes.
  • Light weight: Steel has a significantly higher strength-to-weight ratio than wood. A steel frame is typically one-third the weight of a wood frame. Consequently, damage through “inertia” will be significantly reduced since there is less weight to move during an earthquake, and less weight that must stop.
  • Fire resistance: Steel is not combustible, so it will not feed a fire.
  • Resistant to water and insect damage: Most structural damage is due to water rotting the wood frame components of the house; whereas water does not rot steel. And insects aren’t interested in steel!
  • Steel is “true”: Unlike lumber, which is often warped, steel is always straight. Even if the lumber from the lumber yard arrives straight, it can warp in a matter of days due to exposure to the weather. Steel framing eliminates any bows in the walls, or twisted or warped studs. Sheetrocking is much easier when walls are absolutely straight.
  • Environmentally friendly: About 50 trees are needed to build the average house! Considering this, large tracts of land are cut down each year to provide lumber for traditional wood-framed homes. This destroys habitat for many species of animals. When you choose to build a steel-framed house, you aren’t contributing to this loss of habitat.
  • Lower insurance premiums: Due to steel’s fire, insect, wind, and earthquake resistance, homeowner’s insurance premiums will be much lower.

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