We have exported Karmod products to south sudan container construction

Karmod exported prefabricated houses, living containers and modular cabins to South Sudan that separated from Sudan after a referendum in 2011. Karmod products are mainly exported to South Sudan to be used for residential purposes in the warm climate of region.

Among the items we sent to South Sudan were 3 units of 41 m² and 2 units 60 m² prefabricated houses and they will be assembled in South Sudan as samples. Then depending on these samples housing projects will be considered in different regions of the country. Also 10 units of demountable living containers were sent to be used for residential purposes again. Also among exports were 1 unit 390×990 cm, 1 unit 390×750 cm, 4 units 270×270 cm, 5 units 270×390 cm and 8 units 150×150 cm making a total number of 19 modular cabins. In addition to living containers there were some WC and shower units as well.

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