World’s Most Impressive Social Housing Projects

World’s Most Impressive Social Housing Projects

Social Housing

Social housing is a very useful and economic way to have a house for people having low or middle income. By governments or non governmental organizations, social housing projects can be run. Modular buildings are the ideal building type for collective housing. Because generally there is an urgent building need in this kind of projects and modular construction social housing meets this need in the fastest way. Container or prefabricated social housing can be preferred in these projects.

The buildings produced in a factory are delivered as demounted to the project location. Then manufacturer company teams started to install the houses. Modular houses can be installed in a very short period of time. They delivered to the users as ready for use.

Karmod is a company whose area of activity is prefab building technology. It desig and produces so many different modular buildings. There are modular cabins that can be used for various purposes, prefabricated and container houses that can be produced in only one day, worker camps and construction site buildings, hospitals, schools and social housings among Karmod products.

One of the Most Affordable Modular Housing: Karmod Houses

Turkey based company Karmod has one of the most affordable modular housing products. It has high customer satisfaction and superior product quality with its prefab building technology. And it develop its technology all the time by following the improvement in technology and the sector.

Why you should Karmod products?

Karmod products have so much superiorities. 

  • All of our products have a modular structure. They are used as demounted and this provides so many convenience. More products can be transported at one time and this reduces the transport costs. And also the products can be delivered to the project location in less time.
  • Karmod products are much more economic considering their quaility. We use high quality, certified and guaranteed materials in our products.
  • When we think modular buildings, we can think of simple and not very durable products. But Karmod products have permanent building quality in temporary products.
  • If you’re trying to pick a company for any product you want, you should look their references. Karmos ha so many strong references from all over the world. You can look our projects, references and products on our web site.
  • Environmental pollution is one of the biggest threats to our world, life and future. Because of that we try to design and produce environmentally friendly products. Most of our products are environmentally friendly or they minimize the damage you give the environment.

Karmod Social Housing Projects

As Karmod we have been completed so many social housing projects. Along with Turkey, we designed, produced, delivered and installed container and prefabricated social housing to African countries, Middle Eastern countries, Venezuela, Libya, Romania, Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Congo or Europe. All of them are for different purposes and have different sources. Some of them are built by government, some of them are built by non governmental organizations. Some of them are built for homeless people. Some of them are built for refugee camps or collective housing projects after disasters.

We can produce, deliver and install social housings for your projects in only a few weeks. We produced, delivered and installed building projects that could accommodate hundreds of people in just weeks. Contact us for social and affordable housing dublin, middle east, africa or anywhere all over the world. All of our social housing products are energy efficient, economic, environmentally friendly and aesthetic looking. They can be designed and produced any size and number you want. For the most economic, ergonomic and useful buildings for your projects, contact us now!

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