Site Container and Blocks Container Structures

Site Container and Blocks Container Structures

Construction Containers Site Offices

Karmod offers site offices for administrative purposes or storage. Our portable office containers make for easily accessible workspaces with quick installation in construction, manufacturing, petrochemical, oil and gas and This high-quality, portable container office provides a convenient solution for relocatable offices at any business or job site. Our Karmod Office Containers provide on-site office space for commercial, construction & industrial customers.
Karmod produces high quality sitecontainer structures that can be used in all seasons for your long-term construction projects. The high technology used in the production of Karmod construction container and the strong insulation system applied to the containers ensure that the structures are long-lasting and have high resistance in weather conditions such as cold, hot, rain, and snow. It offers a comfortable and sterile environment to its user. In this respect, Karmod construction containers are economical solutions with fast production that will definitely satisfy the user.

One of the most important issues in long-term construction projects is to provide the living spaces needed for the shelter needs of technical personnel and workers in construction sites and worker camps in the shortest time and in the most appropriate way. The most preferred structures for this need are container buildings. Container buildings systems provide ease of installation, are produced in a very short time, have ergonomic designs that are suitable for every need and offer comfort to the user, and their shipment is easy.

With Karmod new generation container technology, your site office containers can be delivered all over the world in just four steps and installed in a very short time. They are designed and produced in accordance with fire, earthquake and different climatic conditions. With dozens of different advantages it provides, the container system is the most preferred structure in the construction field.

Very useful structures for site office accommodation include:

  • Site dining hall
  • Workers’ dormitory
  • Personnel cafeteria
  • Staff dormitory
  • WC-Shower
  • Management offices
  • Study rooms

Portable site offices are also very easy to move from one place to another because they are portable. Karmod construction site office offers you the most suitable solution for your needs at the most affordable cost with nearly 20 ergonomic designs. Karmod is always with its customers with its after-sales support team. The most suitable solution in terms of installation, cost, time and performance is Karmod construction site modules. Designed and manufactured with over 30 years of experience and expert teams, Karmod on site buildings are the choice of leading companies in more than 90 countries. Non-corroding galvanized steel is used in construction container structures that offer ergonomic design up to 12 meters. It can be used safely for 1st degree earthquake zones and it offers safe use in all seasons thanks to the design and production in accordance with the climatic conditions of the desired region.

Specially shaped EPS filled sandwich panels are used in the walls and roofs of site container structures. Thanks to the EPS filled sandwich panel used on the roof, rain water is easily and safely evacuated with the special clamping system. High quality materials with TSE certification are used in the electrical and sanitary installations made on the surface. With Karmod new generation container technology, the construction container can be installed in the area it is shipped to in just four steps and made ready for use. It has the advantage of flexible design. With combined production, it is possible to produce useful containers up to 3 floors.

The new generation container systems are a building model with dozens of superior features that it has, in important construction and infrastructure projects where time is of great importance such as energy, airport or road construction, and meeting the construction site building needs in the most appropriate and economical way.

With its superior quality thanks to the dozens of benefits and offers 30 years of experience and the team that designed and manufactured by experts in the field Karmod sitecontainer structures, turkey and is preferred by the world’s leading companies.

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