Karmod Combined Sandwich Panel Containers with Superior Features

Karmod started production of its “New Generation Container” with much superior features compared with similar sandwich panel container models.

The R & D department developed the new generation container based on seamless screw production system. Sandwich panel is used in walls and for the first time in roof as well. With 60 mm thickness walls and 120mm roof it provides maximum heat and sound insulation.

Wall panels are assembled together by hidden intermediate carrier. The container is painted with special light brown painting that gives it bright look.

Karmod sandwich panel container is produced with special secure electrical system with cable channels over plaster and PVC doors and windows systems.

The new generation sandwich panel container is produced at 3×7 m and 2.4x6m dimensions with Karmod quality assurance and based on twenty different plans alternatives. Karmod new generation containers represent secure solutions for worksite offices, worker camps, dormitories, mess halls, sales offices and WC and shower units.

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