Romania Container Buildings & Containere Modulare

Romania Container Buildings & Containere Modulare

Romania Container

As Karmod, we design and manufacture containers for construction projects in different sectors, offices, shops and infrastructure projects all over the world. We follow the technology very closely and we always try to improve ourselves with our experienced and expert teams. With our high capacity production systems, we meet the demands of our customers on time. We design and manufacture modular buildings not only for projects and commercial buildings, but also for personal use and daily living spaces. With our container houses, we can make you a homeowner in just one day. We produce luxurious, comfortable and economical containers for your important projects with our accommodation units. You can contact us for all your needs from office containers romania to office containers america all over the world.

Karmod containers are different from design to installation!

We would like to introduce you to one of the products of our 35 years of experience. With the new generation container technology, all your structures are ready for use in just 4 steps…

Although products such as prefab buildings or flat pack containers stand out with their economical prices, one of the biggest conveniences they provide is that they are portable and have easy installation. Time is very important in infrastructure projects, mining or natural gas project. For this reason, it is very important to complete the production and installation of the structures to be used in these projects on time. As Karmod, in addition to having our stocks always at your service, we prepare your order for you in our very high capacity production systems as soon as possible and we can deliver it to anywhere in the world.

Romania is a developing country located in the south east of Central Europe, north of the Balkan Peninsula. Karmod offers you containers in romania as well as in the whole of turkey for different fields of application. Romania is among the 11 delegations we hosted in 2017. Among the delegations that were hosted, there were managers of leading companies and ministers of various countries. Using office containers romania, we designed and manufactured the factory dining room cabin. We manufactured the 13.2 million euro field hospital with Romania container buildings.

From the dining hall to the security cabin: Romania container buildings

The usage area of the containers is very wide. You can choose containers from the cafeteria to the security cabin. As the Karmod family, we care about our environment and the ecosystem we live in as much as the quality of the buildings. For this, we use an environmentally friendly production system while producing our products. Each of our facilities is environmentally friendly and approved by the ministry. While we support the completion of very large construction projects on time, we also minimize your damage to the environment.

Units such as dining halls and kitchens that you will use in your projects are areas that should be the most sterile. For this reason, the structure must be easy to clean, odor-free and resistant to different weather conditions. We use certified paints in all of our containers. Thanks to the quality panels we use, our products are very suitable for 1st degree earthquake zones, they are produced in accordance with the climatic conditions of the regions to be delivered. They are highly insulated structures. They have excellent snow load and wind speed values. Our WC-shower containers are portable. They can be easily moved. If you want, we can produce separately or combined WC-shower containers. As a company that has been in the sector since 1986, we believe that we can produce the most suitable and quality structures for all your building needs at the most economical prices. For office containers romania, for Romania container buildings, you can contact us at any time from our e-mail address or phone numbers. You can view our projects, products and references in detail on our website.

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