Refugee housing and Flatpack shelter

Refugee housing and Flatpack shelter

Modular refugee housing solutions

Modular refugee housing and Shelter

Our products and services have provided relief and comfort to those affected by such disasters as, earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, and more; offering speed, flexibility, and efficiencies that traditional construction cannot offer.

In a world where millions of people are forced from their houses every year because of natural disasters, there is an ongoing need for huge numbers of decent mid- to long-term temporary housing units that can be swiftly delivered to the affected area. The Karmod Housing System has been developed to make the wait as short as possible.

Any large-scale approach for temporary housing following a disaster must be economically viable as well as solid engineering solutions to the living challenge

Self-contained mobile units are the ideal way to keep costs down. Also by providing nicer trailers for your staff you can gain productivity and moral. With many floor plans to choose from, our self-contained units offer a range of ideas to suit any requirements. You can view some of our floorplans here.

In most emergency areas installing toilets and restrooms is a major logistical problem. Water may be scarce or discharging waste tanks could almost be impossible. It is a known fact that during disaster and relief situations, the hygienic problems is very big. In addition to all the people in the catastrophe areas, all the aid workers also need toilets, showers and shelters.

Karmod can drop ship pre-manufactured container buildings with waste combustion systems so that toilets can be available for immediate use. In addition to our toilets and restrooms we can also provide both temporary and permanent space for a variety of uses, including: shelter, facilities, schools, government, and human services.


Reduced time frame for completion of building infrastructure
Reduced cost of facilities
Budgeting flexibility
Flexible design options
Reduced site disturbance in environmentally sensitive areas

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