We Produce Turn-key Prefabricated WorkSite Buildings and Steel Structures

With Karmod modular prefabricated work site buildings ergonomic design, high efficient and functional area usage your projects will be easier. Karmod prefabricated work site buildings are produced with seamless system of serial production, practical and quick to install and economical prices, which give your project success since its start.

Based on our international experience and high quality, the most important difference of Karmod is delivering projects on time. Karmod presents its prefabricated work site buildings to its customers with the advantages of economic prices and short production time thanks to its accumulated long years of experience and depending on its own capital.

Karmod offers turn-key projects of prefabricated construction site and office buildings that are produced by means of high-tech methods. Among Karmod prefabricated work site products you can find: Prefabricated buildings, construction site buildings, office buildings, prefabricated school buildings, prefabricated hospital, medical buildings, mess hall, dormitory, military camps, permanent or portable structures and so on.

Karmod’s projects are executed around the world with aesthetic architecture and ergonomic design. Our prefabricated work site buildings provide you with safe and recreational living environment thanks to their international quality standards.

The appearance and plan of Karmod prefabricated work site buildings are being prepared by experienced technical team and under control of expert architects and engineers in our offices.  High customer satisfaction is being emphasized and production of Karmod prefabricated work site buildings is being done based on high quality and standards.

You will be satisfied with attractive prices, high quality and appearance of Karmod’s modular prefabricated work site buildings.

As safety and comfort are most important points that karmod consider in its prefabricated work site buildings designs therefore Karmod models are created to reflect comfortable, long-lasting, aesthetic design and environmentally-friendly characteristics. Prefabricated work site buildings can come as single-storey and two-storey.

Karmod prefabricated work site buildings are produced in Karmod’s 13 thousand square meters modern production facility through belt system. Karmod prefabricated work site buildings are manufactured as seamless threaded structure with safety considered in all details. For two floors or one floor prefabricated work site building, after confirmation is received from customer, manufacturing file is prepared at production department and loaded into computer. After project is entered to computer, production lines start to process steel sheets through cutting, twisting and making screw holes, and building is pre-produced and prepared as demountable through automated production system. The seamless threaded production system makes produced buildings more durable. Furthermore it makes it easy to move the building to another place to use it in new project. Karmod prefabricated work site buildings are produced quickly as ready to use and then shipped to be installed on site.

With the efforts of our expert teams installation of prefabricated work site buildings can be completed in short time.

Karmod prefabricated work site buildings are delivered with all parts included such as Steel door, internal panel doors, insulated PVC windows, electric and water installations, electric and sanitary fittings, roof covering, internal and external painting. All parts and materials used in production of Karmod’s prefabricated work site buildings are chosen from top quality Turkish brands. Technical specifications can be found on our website.

After sales service is provided by Karmod on prefabricated work site buildings with one year guarantee against manufacturing and assembling faults.

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