With prefabricated house villa , Prefab steel structure villas

Building Smart Prefab villas for the World

Karmod is an expert and professional manufacturer of prefabricated houses, which reflects in innovative and modern designs of its products. Our expert architects design houses models taking into consideration the expectations of customers.

Karmod prefabricated houses have many advantages such as being environmentally friendly, innovative and aesthetic design, long lasting, and ergonomic usage. Single-storey and double-storey prefabricated houses are produced with utmost care from Karmod.

With a covered area of 21 thousand square meters, Karmod utilizes high technology belt system in production of prefabricated houses. Karmod’s houses are produced following a seamless threaded automated system in all parts, which gives the house structure more strength.

Karmod houses can be loaded into container and shipped overseas by land, air or sea transportation means according to international standards. When they arrive on site our prefabricated houses can be installed easily and quickly by our expert teams and delivered as ready to use.

All parts in our prefabricated houses such as steel door, internal doors, double glazed PVC windows, electricity and water networks and fixtures, roofing and paint come as ready to use. All materials and parts used in production of Karmod prefabricated houses are chosen from quality certified products.

Karmod prefabricated houses are perfectly insulated with wall thickness of 10 cm that consist of two 8mm cement boards and 84 mm of EPS between them. Furthermore a layer of glass wool is placed above roof covering, in addition to the steel door and double glazed PVC windows.

If you are looking for a prefabricated house with modern design, environmentally friendly and according to your own plan and expectations then Karmod is your professional partner that you can trust in finding the right choice for you.

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