Prefabricated Site Buildings and Prefab Offices & Structures

Prefabricated Site Buildings

Turkey’s largest independent manufacturer of modular and portable buildings
The off-site construction methods employed by the Karmod prefabricated allow us to offer a wide range of sustainable building solutions for both the public and private sectors. Since the business was established in 1986 it has been owned and run by the Karmod family.

Faster Delivery
Permanent modular construction uses simultaneous factory fabrication and site preparation to deliver a finished portable building that’s ready for occupancy up to 50% faster than traditional construction.
Easily Customizable
Modular site buildings are quickly and easily configured and reconfigured or even moved to meet your changing needs.
Portable site buildings can be moved to a new location at minimal expense.
Off-site manufacturing and quick on-site modification reduce disruption.
Prefabricated Site Buildings and Modular building floor plans are easily changed to support your evolving business.

We take a more personal approach to each project, which is why instead of having a large range of products we have developed building systems flexible enough to meet most requirements. These systems are very different from each other, to make sure choosing the right one for your application is simple. The vast majority of our Prefabricated Site Buildings are designed and built to order. This offers the best of both worlds; a custom building based on proven design principles.

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