Prefabricated houses in zimbabwe & Low cost Social housing

Prefabricated houses in zimbabwe & Low cost Social housing

Prefabricated Houses in Zimbabwe

Due to budget limitation, time limitation or other different limitations, low cost housing is needed. Container, steel framed, prefabricated modular homes are preferred for refugee camp projects, social housing projects, mass housing projects or disaster home projects. Because construction of prefab house buildings, construction of container house buildings and construction of steel framed house buildings are very short and easy than reinforced concrete buildings. Their prices are so economic according to the traditional methods.

Manufacturing in a factory facility has many benefit and advantages:

  • Because humanitarian intervention is very little, waste of raw materials is very low, maybe any.
  • There is no need for construction site area, all of process are completed in a factory. So other costs are less too. For this reason, their production cost is less and their sale price is less too. They are very affordable buildings.
  • Because there is no need for construction site, there will not be any occupational accidents.
  • Because they are produced in factory and installed on site, there is no harm to environment and noise pollution.
  • They are enviromentally friendly structures, thus you can minimize the damage we give to the world.

Low Cost Housing in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe or Republic of Zimbabwe is a country that is located on south of the African continent. Old name of the country is Rhodesia. There is no coast to the sea. Generally, tropical climate is seen at the region. While it has a mild climate in winters, it is extremely humid and hot in summer. Surface area is 390.757 km2.

Afrika is a developing country. Projects of low cost housing in Zimbabwe can be run by Karmod. Karmod is a company that designs and produces modular buildings. Africa continent is one of the regions Karmod carries out so many different projects. Container, steel framed or prefabricated houses are the buildings that are used in low cost housing projects in Zimbabwe.

Prefabricated Houses Zimbabwe

Prefabricated houses are among the indispensable buildings of construction projects such as refugee camps, mass housing, construction site camps, workers’ camp, labour camps and etc… They can be preferred for accommodation, dining halls or dormitory buildings. Prefabricated houses are the buildings that can be produced in a shorter time than reinforced concrete buildings. When you prefer prefab houses, you do not have to wait for months to have a house or you do not have to wait for months to complete your project. With Karmod prefab buildings, you can have the buildings you want in only weeks. For prefabricated houses Zimbabwe, you can contact Karmod teams.

Steel Framed Houses Zimbabwe

The other buildings that are mostly preferred are steel framed houses. Steel framed houses and buildings are one of the rising trends of recent years. With steel framed houses that are one of the alternatives for traditional buildings, provide building more durable structures in a shorter time. We can say the architecture of our future is these buildings. These buildings are produced in unwelded system. This system provides easy assembly possibility. Thanks to the durable steel frame, these houses are earthquake resistant and they are suitable for all seasons and climatic conditions. Also, The margin of error is also very low in these buildings. They have high insulation performance. It is very easy to save energy with these structures. Karmod uses high quality materials in its buildings production. For this reason, they can be used for very long periods of time like their first day.

Contact Karmod teams now for prefabricated houses Zimbabwe, steel framed houses Zimbabwe or low cost housing in Zimbabwe. We deliver our products all over the world.

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