Prefabricated houses in kenya, Affordable prefab housing

Prefabricated houses in kenya

The prefabricated houses in kenya, Easy Construction & Low Cost, Easy To Install And Disassemble, Safe & Stable Frame, Durable About 20-30 Years. Low Cost Prefab House, Cost Saving More Than 50% Compared With Traditional Construction. Eco friendly momes made Eeasy-The Prefab house panel technology, CE Certificate. Owning a home remains a faint dream for most low and middle-income Kenyans. A look at the cost of houses on sale across Kenyan media leaves the average Kenyan discouraged. Prefab house panels are a quick built and cost effective housing solutions for homeowners, High Quality Prefab House with Competitive Price.

Turkey became a world leader in production of prefabricated buildings and housing projects. Karmod is one of the leading companies in Turkey with experience since 1986. Our products has been exported so far to more than 120 countries and our solutions are preferred by thousands of customers around the world.

The development of press panel system and steel structures is considered a major shift in the housing sector as it made it possible to construct thousands of housing units in short time.
The homes are pre-produced withing factory and then packed and transported to site in parts. This includes the roof trusses, wall panels, doors, windows, electric network and fixtures, plumbing network and fixtures, paint and insulation materials.
Most African government expressed their interest in Karmod building, and Karmod has already supplied sample houses to many Africa countries to be studied and evaluated according to local market requirements.
Karmod affordable, low cost and high quality houses will definetly become the ideal solution that will cover the housing gap in most African countries.

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