Prefabricated Homes and buidings europe

Prefabricated Houses Europe

Possessing a comfortable and very economic house in very short time is not a dream anymore with Karmod prefabricated houses europe.  Karmod prefabricated houses are produced completely at modern production facilities with seamless threaded production technology. With our many years of experience, paying attention to customers’ expectations and the creativity of our expert technical team we offer prefabricated houses models that are beyond your dreams.


Nowadays people who have been accustomed to use concrete buildings are becoming more aware of the advantages of prefabricated houses. For long time the reinforced concrete buildings has been presented  as long-life solutions however the earthquakes that Turkey has witnessed lately in Istanbul and Van has revealed the weak side of these houses.

Prefabricated modular houses represent an ideal solution compared with reinforced concrete structures in responding to earthquakes threats.

Karmod can produce prefabricated homes as single-storey or double-storey. Houses are pre-produced inside factory environment in short time and are prepared to be shipped as disassembled. You can select any model from our website and in few days it can be produced, transported and then assembled on site by our expert team and delivered to customer as ready to use.

Karmod prefabricated houses come with steel door, internal doors, double glazed windows, electrical and sanitary installations, electrical and sanitary fittings and fixtures, roof covering, internal and external painting. All materials and parts used in production of Karmod’s prefabricated houses are chosen from among top quality Turkish brands. You can find our technical specifications on our website.

With modular houses the problem of requiring skilful personnel for each part of the house is overcome as ready to use houses are very easy to assemble. Our expert teams can do all required work from structure assembling to electricity and sanitary networks, roof covering and rain gutters and downspouts.

Insulation in Karmod prefabricated houses is very high with 10 cm thickness of external wall panels and usage of glasswool under roof covering. Furthermore prefabricated house is used as external door and double glazed windows that guarantee top insulation.

Another very important advantage of Karmod prefabricated houses is the after sales service we provide.

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