Prefabricated Houses Prices North Cyprus Limassol

Prefabricated Houses Prices North Cyprus Limassol

Prefabricated houses cyprus

Karmod prefab building. was founded in 1996 and is a dynamic company operating in the modular commercial buildings and industrial sectors of Cyprus. Its main activities are in the field of mechanical engineering in particular metal structures in particular with extensive experience and expertise in prefabricated houses systems and the construction of metal steel buildings.

Karmod Prefabricated Houses Cyprus, prides itself in offering you a wide range of new home floor plans from industry leading manufacturers. From Single Wides, Double Wides , Triple Wides, Modular and even our new Park Model series you are curtain to find exactly what you are looking for. Our site does not offer pricing on our models due to the many variables when building a dream home. To get a price quote today on any model simply request more information online or call us direct. New Manufactured, Modular and Cyprus Prefabricated house for Sale Why wait? Get started finding your dream home today by clicking on one of the new home
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Steel Frame Homes & Prefabricated Houses in Cyprus

Welcome Home! A wish that Karmod – Prefabricated Houses company makes it happen since 1986.
For 36 years, the top company of the prefabricated houses field, leads you to your own modular house fast and with reasonable prices. We consider prefabricated houses shells in which people coexist in harmony with the natural environment. A prefabricated house designed according to the modern architectural trends, with comfortable and functional spaces, all in a few square meters. For this reason, we never negotiate our choice of eco friendly materials for the construction. Prefabricated houses: King of materials for us. The feeling when you live in such prefabricated house cannot be described, but only experienced.

Double Storey 2 Bedroom Prefabricated House Design in Cyprus

That Could Change Home Building Need to Build a house? Affordable prefabricated homes Prices, Cool Design, Fast and Easy Delivery. What´s not to like? When building a prefabricated house you will definitely come across the option of designing and building traditional house or cost effective modern light weight steel frame home.Prefabricated houses are supported by the Cyprus Design standards and other positive professional industry bodies.

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