Prefabricated Construction Systems

Prefabricated modular construction

Karmod prefabricated buildings enjoy a lot of benefits such as speed of production, ease of transportation and simple assembly through the use of high technology and quality products. Karmod prefabricated buildings offer wide range of practical and flexible designs that can be used for multiple purposes and under extreme weather conditions.

Karmod prefabricated buildings are either one storey or two storey structures and supply necessary accommodation utilities for every condition. They are economical and may be produced very quickly according to clients’ needs.

Karmod prefabricated building technologies are preferred for different usages such as site buildings, offices, social compounds, military camps, petrol and gas sites, residences, dormitories, cafeterias, wc-shower units, earthquake (disaster) houses, refugee housings, prisons and guard houses.

Karmod proffesional team follow innovative high technology in designing and producing the prefabricated houses. The users of these houses therefore will enjoy high degree on function and comfort.

Karmod prefabricated buildings are also environmentally-friendly thanks to their steel structure, and steel is known to be recyclable material that leaves minimal waste.
Karmod building also offers a variety of the use of “green” materials in the construction of these prefabricated houses. Consumers can easily select between different environmentally friendly finishes and wall systems.

Karmod offers also high degree of flexibility to its customers through allowing for product customization according to clients specific needs, location and climate conditions.

The steel elements of the house with other parts are produced at Karmod factory then delivered to site prior to assembly. The house or building is then assembled in a short time with the help and supervision of Karmod expert teams who will deliver the product to the customer as ready to use.

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