Prefabricated Caravans, Prefab container house

Prefabricated Houses and Caravans

Karmod prefabricated building and Caravans offers the most economical solutions for Labor Accommodation. All offices, dormitories and dining halls can be fabricated as per customer’s requirement, in addition to wide range of standard plans that were prepared by Karmod expert engineers and architects.

Founded in 1986, Karmod today exports its products to more than 85 countries around the world. Karmod produces all kinds of regular and fire-resistant Porta Cabins and Caravans.

Karmod Caravan with key features like demountable structure, galvanized steel, electrostatic painted metal parts, 12 cm thickness roof sandwich panel, high quality parts, is what makes our products unique compared to those offered by competitors. With its one of a kind demountable structure that is jointed with bolts and nuts, Karmod containers are becoming the most favorable choice for worker camps and accommodation.


Karmod for prefabricated caravans has launched recently its demountable container as a result of the intensive Research and development in the field of steel structure and insulated buildings. The new container has the advantage of possibility to load it inside 40’ HC container whether it is 3×7 m or even 3×9 m. The new generation containers are movable and can form multi- storey insulated buildings up to three storey that could be assembled side by side to obtain large horizontal spaces. Karmod caravans are available with different dimensions as 2.3×6 m flatpack or 3×7 demountable. All our products are made according to the highest international and Turkish standards and resist the worst harsh weather conditions of cold, heat, wind, and rain. Container buildings are sent in sections inside shipping containers and transported to the final destination. They are then assembled onsite by our expert teams and delivered to final customer as ready to use.

Our containers are supplied with electrical wirings, water piping, lighting fittings, and can come with water heater, air conditioners, windows curtains and burglar bars.

Our Prefabricated caravans can be used as Guard Rooms, Sales Booths, WC, Lockers, Kitchens, Mobile Restaurants, and Temporary Promotional Caravans, accommodation Porta Cabin with different sizes, Separate toilet and kitchen caravans, Site offices, Labor camps, Prefabricated villas, Security caravans

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