Prefab houses lebanon

Prefab houses lebanon

Prefab houses lebanon

Best Prefab Houses in Lebanon
Karmod Prefab houses lebanon makes building your dream home everything we believe it should be. From the first time you get in touch with our team to those first wonderful moments in your beautifully finished self-build home, the process will be a memorable and rewarding experience for you and your family

They’re everything you imagine

We’re one of Turkey’s leading prefab home builders, helping imaginative customers build eco-friendly timber frame houses to their exact specifications.

The experience of Karmod Houses Company is based on our good and shiny history in the field of construction. We deal with International quality production providing our clients the best affordable prices.

Thus we are the only company that offers you the best specifications with affordable prices, using the best materials that are known for their high quality (doors, windows, water and electricity network, the walls and ceiling).

Moreover, Karmod Houses Company is one of the top leading companies in the field of prefabricated houses. We work continuously to develop and improve the quality of our products in order to meet your expectations.

The process of construction takes place within the duration of two to three weeks.

Furthermore, all materials consist of reinforced concrete prefabricated insulator. The house’s structure is made from iron.
Our technical work is similar to Europe and America that has so far proven itself successfully.

We also love to inform you that our prefabricated house is isolated against humidity and heat, thus reducing 60% the rate of the electricity bills; due to the exterior walls of worn stone, resembling the shape of wood.

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