Prefab House Price in Nigeria and Mass Housing

Prefab House Price in Nigeria and Mass Housing

Prefab House Price in Nigeria

Nigeria is located at the west of Africa continent. The biggest city of Nigeria is Lagos. Also Nigeria is the seventh largest country of the world with its population. It is being expected that Nigeria will be get in the top ten largest economies in the world in 2050. In this respect, the country has big importance. It offers essential opportunities for Turkish construction companies. Also Turkish construction companies are one of the most active construction companies in the world. One of them you can prefer for prefab building construction Nigeria or mass housing in Nigeria is Karmod prefab technology company.

As Karmod, we are carrying on a business at more than 130 countries in the world. We design, produce and install modern modular buildings for tens of sectors and individual building needs. With the feedbacks we take from our customers, research and development studies and the principle of being innovator, we always try to improve ourselves. Prefab housing is one of the most preferred housing types in the world. And thanks to the developing technology, new modern prefab buildings are being more durable, economic and also enviromentally friendly.

Affordable Social Housing in Nigeria

Karmod company that run tens of projects all over the world, realized a project of affordable social housing in Nigeria. We built an example installation in Kuje, 40 km away from Nigeria Abuja. The example building was two storey, two bedroom plan and has 103 square meters area. Our buildings have a big importance for developing countries like Nigeria. Our buildings that have significant features like fast production, fast and easy installation and economic prices. For these kinds of reasons, they are really good options for social housing projects.

Social housing projects are useful and economic ways to have a house for people who have low or middle income. These projects can be run by government agencies or non-governmental organizations. We worked both. You can look in detail our social housing projects on our web site and for more detailed information you can contact us from our mail addresses or phone numbers. As Karmod we use low cost housing materials in our products but even though they have low cost, they are certified and high quality materials.

We use prefabricated houses, container houses and modular cabins in the social projects we run. For prefabricated houses Nigeria, container houses Nigeria, social housing Nigeria, Karmod offers you the best quality buildings and also best service quality.

Karmod portable modular cabins were used for military camp, Monguno, Borno, Nigeria

Portable modular cabins are useful structures for everything from commercial building needs to security needs. As Karmod we have so many modular cabin designs that can be used for different needs. For example Karmod armored modular cabins can be used in militaries. Economic and durable Karmod cabins are good choice for commercial needs too. If you need a building for temporary processes, these cabins offer you permanent builidng quality.

In 2018, with our new generation container model we built military camp buildings in Nigeria. We also built extra 150 w solar panels fort he energy need. The project capacity is 40-person. It is consisting of 20 units and they have 3×7 plan. The buildings within the project will be used by senior officers. There are two bedrooms and wc shower sections in each building. And two officers can stay in each building. The solar energy that the panels produced meet 24-hour energy requirement of the camp. The project has significant importance. Because the region we built our products are an area with a high security risk. We completed this important project in only 15 days.

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