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Pre built homes new zealand

Karmod Prefa Homes specialises in modular housing, an innovative alternative to the traditional method of building. We think it makes a lot of sense, because it offers creative and practical housing solutions.

We have taken care to ensure our modular housing is eco-friendly because we care about the environment. We use sustainable materials such as steel, concrete, glass and aluminium. Our focus on thermal efficiency and energy efficiency means the housing requires minimal energy to heat and cool. It also makes for a warm, dry and healthy living environment.

Our Prefab housing modules are manufactured overseas to our exact specifications and must meet rigorous quality and safety standards. They are specifically designed to be versatile, convenient and progressive.

We’ve gone to great lengths to create housing which is comfortable and easy to live in. The Prefab House modules are designed to cope with extreme winds and the hottest and coldest temperatures in New Zealand and Australia. They’re thermally efficient, with much better insulation than required under the building code, and they also have energy efficient lighting and appliances.

Each stage of development at Karmod will make new designs and options available, with something to suit every style of living.


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