Modular Portable Office Containers For Sale

Modular Portable Office Containers For Sale

Portable office containers for sale
Thousands of customer satisfaction in more than 120 countries. Cost effective portable building & storage container solutions…

Karmod Container Technology, has Mobile Offices or Mobile Office Trailers for temporary or permanent applications. This high-quality, portable office container provides a convenient solution for extra storage at any business or job site.leading European supplier. unbeatable price. Add workspace to your business, fast! Climate controlled, modular portable container offices and meeting rooms are comfortable and portable. Mobile Modular Portable Storage offers high-security portable office containers that are tough, affordable, fully movable and safe. Leading portable office container supplier. Get your free quote now. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.  Karmod produces high security portable office containers, modular office container, mobile office containers, portable accommodation, steel containers, available portable containers…

Portable office containers provide you with efficient working areas in remote areas and areas where settlements are limited and impossible. Thanks to their environmental friendliness, they do not harm the environment. As Karmod, we offer multi-purpose and various relocatable building solutions. We design and manufacture the most suitable structures for your project in the shortest time with our standard or project-specific products.

You are our priority

Since 1986, our priority is on the principle of our customer and we produce world-class building solutions for each project. One of these building solutions, portable office containers save your time and money. High security portable office containers are the structures that give you the fastest response for your staff in housing needs, in construction site camps in management and employee offices, in your new sales office, in your showrooms. They are durable and long lasting, also the best solution for your budget and time.

Unique technical features

Our portable office containers have unique technical features compared to their competitors. In our mobile office conteiners, we use premium quality and approved quality materials. TSE certified materials are used in each part of electrical installation equipment, water supply equipment, doors and windows, paints …

Our products, produced with a sandwich panel system, offer comfortable work and living spaces thanks to their high heat and sound insulation. Sandwich panels are used throughout the building, from roof panels to wall panels. They have a wall thickness of 5 cm and a roof thickness of 12.5 cm. While providing use in all seasonal conditions, they also enable you to save energy costs. Thanks to hidden intermediate carriers, they are durable.

At the same time, our portable office containers are produced with a seamless bolt and screw system. In this way, they are very easy to install. Our products, whose parts are produced separately and can be sent to every corner of the world, are installed by our teams. They can be easily moved to another region when desired, or when you want to expand your buildings, you can do this easily and in a short time. In addition to using certified products in our paints, we also use automotive paint technology. Thanks to this paint system we use, we reduce your maintenance costs and increase the usage time just like the first day.

We lay electrical wiring with cable channels on the plaster. With the use of stainless galvanized steel in all parts, we produce products that have the advantage of being used permanently for many years with trouble-free use in temporary solutions.

Wide range of uses

You can reach nearly 20 portable office containers designs on our website, tailored to every need and demand of 3 * 7 mt. If you want, we can deliver the building of the size you want, either single-storey or multi-storey, within the time you want. You can also browse the different multi-purpose structures that we deliver to all over the world on our website and review our references. You can choose it in many areas such as construction sites, executive offices, sales offices, dormitories, dining halls, WC and shower units of large construction and infrastructure projects.

You can contact us for your newly designed projects or you can contact us for your existing projects. As Karmod family, we are pleased to try to help you with our 35 years of industry and construction experience in projects you want to expand and increase the number of buildings.

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