Portable retail kiosk, Coffee kiosks, Portable food kiosk

Portable retail kiosk, Coffee kiosks, Portable food kiosk

Portable Kiosks

Karmod modular buildings that are preferred in so many sectors for different purposes are very useful and economic. One of them is portable modular kiosks. Portable, modular kiosks ideal for many different uses are produced in very short time and as demounted. When they are delivered to the place, they are installed on site by Karmod expert teams.

We are one of the leading companies about designing and producing modular cabin. You can see our modular cabin products all over the World. They are being used as marketing kiosks, welfare trailers, market huts, security cabins.

Karmod cabin is the best for food selling or delivery

All over the world, modular cabins are used for food deliver yor food selling. If you want to use these modular cabins for commercial purposes you can choose economic, ergonomic and useful Karmod cabins. Our portable modular kiosks we produce in a very short time allow you to get a good return from your investments in a very short time. Because they delivered you as ready for use. You can easily move them to an another region if you want. Because they are portable, you will not have a problem about moving them.

Sometimes unwanted things can occur all over the World. Along with natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods or avalanches there may be unwanted human-made extraordinary situations like a war. In these kind of situations, urgent building needs may occur for different purposes. Urgent building needs may occur for accommodation, food, security, health, education etc. Our kiosks can be helper for this situations. You can use them for food delivery. All of our portable modular kiosks can be used in every place, every region, every climatic conditions. Our modular cabins are:

  • Durable
  • Earthquakeproof
  • Fireproof
  • Odorless
  • Long-lasting
  • Economic
  • Ergonomic
  • Portable

The cabins have such features and more can be used in extreme situations. Also we can design and produce cabins for military. We have armoured cabins that can be used at country borders and in various critical regions.

Portable Wc and Shower Cabins are Everywhere

Along with commercial purposes, our portable cabins can be used in public areas too. Portable wc cabins can be used in public picnic areas or masjids. They can be designed, produced and installed as single units and also they can be designed, produced and installed as combined.

One of the areas that modular wc and shower cabins can be used is worker camps. In workers camps, it is very important that the buildings used in those areas are portable. Because the projects in these areas are not permanent, so used buildings are the same. Thus, worker camps or construction site buildings should be portable. But while they are being portable, they should be durable also. All of Karmod cabins have these features.

We have 35-years experience in this sector and we believe that we will solve your problems in the best way. We are with you from ordering to delivery and also you can contact us about every problem about our products after you start to use. We have worked in construction sector, health sector, education sector, different mining and oil exploration projects and more. And we are active for all over the world. Karmod products are being used at more than 130 point in the world.  You can look our strong references, our products, our projects on our web site. With our expert teams and sector experience, we not only design and produce different building, we also advise you about your project. For your kiosk need in every sector, choose the modular cabin products of one the best leading companies in the world and save both your money and time.

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