Large and Small Portable Cabins, Karmod

Portable Cabins

Portable Cabin as a term is more often used in Turkey and in the world for a transferable housing structure. Portable modular Cabin stands for portable cabins or rooms. These are temporary structures constructed to serve the utilitarian purpose of a modular cabin or a house with the extra advantage of dismantling it when not required.

Such types of portable house structures are mostly used at construction sites as site offices, temporary residence and so on. Built with similar concept are the portable buildings or demountable buildings. These are built off-site and later on moved at the site of construction on completion of work or when required.

Portable modular Cabins are very useful in places which are under construction or for providing relief in times of any natural calamity like flood or earthquake. These are normally stationed either on the ground or up to a height of two floors, depending on the convenience and purpose. When stacked high, temporary stairs or railings, made of wood or metal are attached to the Portable modular cabins. Nowadays, various modular designs are available for making designer portable cabins, featuring optimized use of space, convenience and functionality.

One can hire Portable modular cabins or buy second hand Portable modular Cabins. Additionally, various shopping websites offer new designs of Portable modular cabin for sale which are created for specific use. Such make shift house arrangements are also used by the tourism industry for providing shelter in places like dense forests and hilly terrains where permanent structures cannot be made.

Karmod is proude to be a world leader in production of polyester cabins in different dimensions and plans. Karmod cabins have been exported to more than 74 countries worldwide and Karmod became a world class brand name in prefabricated industry.



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