Portable cabins nz, modular cabins and kiosks for hospitality

Portable cabins nz

Portable Cabins From Karmod- the difference a modular cabin makes
Permanent or portable modular cabins and kiosks for hospitality & tourism sectors.
Karmod porta cabin and homes by Karmod New Zealand are inspired by the work of engineers and designers who never stop improving on details. As well as adhering to the highest standards of structural design, our experts listen to your needs and wants for your portable cabins. Whether custom or standard, the features to choose from are extensive.

The floor plans of our portable dwellings are architecturally designed to comfortably accommodate one or many people. Interior features include open plan living areas, storage and decks. There is a broad palette of colours and finishes to choose from for stylish interiors and exteriors. Standard selections have been developed over the years to harmonize with the New Zealand landscape, with tasteful colours, which are also conducive to low heat absorption for energy efficiency. The entire karmod Porta cabin Building Solutions home and cabin range is overall energy efficient, with durable materials applied for long-term low-maintenance.

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